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Resources for Adoptive Parents
Resources for Birth Mothers
As an adoptive parent himself, Andy Roskind understands the stress and anxiety associated with adoptions.
As an adoptive father himself, Andrew Roskind understands adoption.

By connecting a child that needs a family with couples looking to be called parents, Herston Roskind, PLC has helped bring love and happiness to many families. We look to create a complete transition that enriches the lives of the child, the adoptive parents and the birth mother.

The concept of adoption rests in the notion of meeting the needs of three parties who otherwise would have been unfulfilled. A child can be placed in a loving, stable, and secure home where otherwise he or she may not have been. The adoptive parents, perhaps unable to have children on their own, can embrace and love a child while creating the family they always dreamed of.

And of course, the birth mother, who wants the best for her child and feels secure that the child is going to a loving and caring environment that will be nurturing and allow her child to grow.
There Are Always Questions- We Have Answers

When contemplating adoption, there are many questions and concerns that arise. This is why we at Herston Roskind, PLC, have provided helpful resources to aid in understanding processes, dispel myths and to inform of the different options that are available. The information provided is both useful to a mother looking to place a child up for adoption, or a couple looking to adopt a child.

Herston Roskind, PLC is here to answer any questions you may have. If you are located within East Tennessee and are a birth mother or a couple looking at adoption, please contact our Knoxville adoption Lawyers for additional information. We are here to help.

Choosing Herston Roskind, PLC

Choosing services from Herston Roskind, PLC means that you will be informed, educated, and thoroughly explained the processes of adoption from a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. You will never be pressured in your decision with regards to adoption. Herston Roskind, PLC is here to guide you and facilitate the adoption process making the situation easier for all parties involved.

We will help provide a smooth adoption process for a mother looking to give her child a loving home and for those looking to provide the home and opportunities for the child. Giving an unborn child a chance at life is one of the most selfless acts a mother can do. This, in turn, is a blessing to a couple looking to give a child a home.

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